Oma's Story

My Great Grandmother (Oma) in 1978, Chicago.  

Oma (Chicago, 1978)

This story begins in Ostringen, Germany, a small town just south of Heidelberg, where my great grandmother was born in the summer of 1893. She immigrated to the United States (through St. Louis) in 1919 where both she and my Great Grandfather opened a butcher shop in Oak Park, Illinois.

While working in the shop with my Great Grandfather, she concocted a seasoned salt recipe to help sell his cured meats and set his sausages apart from all others.

This seasoning was met with overwhelming demand and was found to be an incredible addition to almost everything coming out of her kitchen.

My family has carried on the tradition of making this seasoned salt for over four generations and now we use Oma’s Seasoned Salt on everything.

We not only use it for rubs on meats, or as extra seasoning in dishes that just need a little more, but as a finishing salt for our finest recipes. Oma’s seasoned salt has replaced old white table salt in all of our kitchens.

The color and aroma of Oma’s in a dish on the table will set it apart from all others when entertaining your most important guests. If a dish doesn’t taste right or needs just a little bit more of something, OMA’s Seasoned Salt will come to the rescue.

My family is proud to share Oma’s Seasoned Salt with you and knows it'll change your tastes forever!

From our family to yours, Enjoy!